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"Wally the 401derwagon"
(name adopted 6/04)
Maintenance History

Snow fun in the back yard February 2002

1988 Grand Wagoneer - Flint's #6 FSJ
Purchased in Charlotte, NC in July 1995 w/95k on clock
Equipment: 401/Carter AFB/TF727/NP208/D44s/3.73 gears/rear Lockright
As of 06/30/04: 230k miles!
Home: Mancos, Colorado

Wally has been my daily driver. He has made many trips between from Charlotte, NC to Port Charlotte and Fort Lauderdale, FL. We camped in the Fla. Keys and WV mountains Summer of '98 and NC and VA mountains in Fall or '98. For 15 months, he hauled me 110 miles a day to work and back between Sarasota and Tampa, FL.  Gotta be a cheaper way... but he is paid for!  Since arriving to the Four Corners area, he has been to Canyonlands, Moab, Great Sand Dunes NP, Ouray, Canyons of the Ancients & the San Juan Mountains and hauls me to work at Mesa Verde National Park.  Wally has been a great highway & off highway cruiser and has been purty durn dependable so far. So, reckon I'll keep him.  =8-)


  • Aug 95 - New 2.5 inch exhaust from cat back w/turbo muffler & replace both power steering hoses
  • Oct 95 - Replace exhaust return plumbing for air pump replace pulley on p/s pump (it was bent, don't ask me how)
  • Dec 95 - New rear brakes and drums
  • Apr 96 - Tranny overhaul
  • Dec 96 - Carb overhaul at home along with full tune-up - plugs wires, rotor, cap and fuel filter.
  • Mar 97 - 2nd carb overhaul at home
  • Apr 97 - Complete A/C overhaul
  • May 97 - Replace u-joints on rear shaft
  • Jun 97 - 3rd carb overhaul at dealer ($ouch!)
  • Aug 97 - New Firestone SS Firehawk 255-70x15
  • Jan 98 - Factory brush guard installed (from 79 Cherokee WT)
  • Feb 98 - Choke pull-off replaced, front end alignment, overhaul carb again (Jeep dealer loves me)
  • Mar 98 - New paint (1983-87 Jeep deep blue - less metallic)
  • Apr 98 - Refinish headliner
  • May 98 - Overhaul front brakes, incl. new calipers, install 96 XJ radio/cassette, new Polk coax speakers in front doors
  • Jun 98 - Install new Polk coax speakers in back, replace air pump (argh!)
  • Jul 98 - Rebuild window track in tail gate
  • Sep 98 - HP hose replaced on power steering, new 180 degree thermostat, new roof rack grommets, 4 inch Warn Black Diamond lift (new springs in front, add a leaf and 2 inch block in back with BD shocks), Bridgestone Dueler AT 32x11.5x15
  • Oct 98 - Replace bumper hitch with heavy duty Drawtite class 5 and replace original grill with 83 Cherokee chrome grill
  • Mar 99 - Moved to So.FL, tint windows, fix front inside door release mechanics and electric locks, replace 55 watt fog lamps with Ralley 100 watt variety (mo betta)
  • Apr 99 - Remove cat and install new turbo muffler, 3 inch nerf bars with aluminum step plates
  • May 99 - Install 33 gallon Aero fuel tank (fits in stock location)
  • Jun 99 - Install 94 amp alternator, new u-joints and CV kit on fore and aft driveshafts
  • Jul 99 - Replaced all cooling system hoses, flushed system, fresh antifreeze
  • Sep 99 - Cracked tranny cooling line dumps fluid all over I75 - 727 burn out - AAMCO does overhaul ($940 - ouch!)
  • Nov 99 - Ignition switch failed.  Placed temp fix starter button under vent controls
  • Jan 00 - Rear drive shaft sheared off two u-bolts in front.  New ujoints, tcase yoke and balance shaft.   Full brake job with new wheel cylinders in back.  Fix gas leak back by fuel tank.  Remove track bars.  Replace flex track on LF door (3rd time since purchase)
  • Feb 00 - Install Columbia rebuilt Motorcraft 2150 carb - no adjustments required.
  • Mar 00 - Full tune-up with plugs wires, rotor, cap and fuel filter.  Discovered leaking fuel pump and replaced.   More leaks from tranny cooling lines were fixed also, no thanks to AAMCO
  • Apr 00 - Replace flex track on RF door
  • May 00 - New set of Goodyear Wrangler MTR 32x11.5x15 tires replace the Bridgestones
  • Jul 00 - Replace high pressure hose on power steering
  • Dec 00 - Repair tilt steering, replace ignition switch & starter relay, repair starter wiring, install new Ralley 55 watt fog lamps, install new seat cover on driver's seat, install new steering stabilizer (HD Gabriel), new HP power steering hose, new power steering pump
  • Feb 01 - Install Purolator electronic fuel pump and K&N air filter
  • May 01 - Replace instrument cluster with unit from 87 GW to get good speedometer. Old speedometer read 183871, replacement reads 178090.  Replaced burnt bulbs in dash.  Replace all water hoses and belts.  Install 15x8 white spoke wheels with the previous Bridgestone Dueler ATs.  Move to SW Colorado.  Replace electric fuel pump, PS pump and reseal steering box
  • Jul 01 - Replace front wheel bearings & axel u-joints, replace front drive shaft with better used one and install new 24" glass pack muffler
  • Aug 01 - Install Tuffy console and re-install Goodyear MTR tires and stock wheels
  • Sep 01 - Remove nerf bars (gonna rig 'em up on the Cherokee)
  • Oct 01 - Mount MTRs on new 15x8 white spoke wheels
  • Dec 01 - Install PS pump and alternator
  • Jan 02 - Install custom built front drive shaft (3/4 ton)
  • Feb 02 - Install 3.73 gears, lockrite in rear, all new axel, ring & pinion bearings and new brake pads and shoes. Thanks for the help Quincy!
  • Mar 02 - New Baja Wide Trac 33x12.5x15 tires to accomodate Phoebe with the MTRs. Overhaul spare 727 with shift kit, installed and make the Moab Easter Jeep Safari
  • Apr & May 02 - Going through aches and pains with tranny. Rebuilt again and still not right. Gonna rebuild original tranny and put it back in
  • Jul 02 - My rebuilt tranny is trashed, pull the 727 out of Rusty (parts bin) and install. Gotta make Ouray next month! Also install new CB radio. Get original tranny back from overhauler and have it on standby for next R&R
  • Oct 02 - Trim rear fenders 1.5" and seal seams to make better fit for 33" tires
  • Feb 03 - Replaced alternator, install factory tranny cooler (Modine), remove mechanical fuel pump and install block off plate, remove most emissions vacumn lines and stuff along with air pump, new water pump, fix down shift linkage, new alternator belts. Replace Cherokee grill with original and remove broken driving and fog lamps
  • Apr 03 - Replace blown NP229 while at EJS 2003 with stock AM NP208. Required longer rear drive shaft.
  • Jan 04 - running on 7 cylinders - time for a 401!
  • Jun 04 - install 401 (.030 over pistons) from Kozmo with Edelbrock SP2P intake, Comp Cams 260H cam & lifters, Carter AFB and spare rebuilt 727. Dipped and repaired radiator. New older style starter system. Click here for Project 401 pictures...

Future projects (anything after 3 is on the looooong list):

  1. install replacement bumpers from Ethan
  2. upgrade ignition system
  3. fix rear door locks and rr window (again - aggghh!)

Before - 3/98. New paint, changed to the 83-87 blue (less metallic)After - 7/99 after new fuel tank and nerfs installed along with 9/98 lift

On our way up to Engineer Pass 9-1-01

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