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1963 - 1988 Gladiator and J Series Trucks
Only ONE Jeep

Lots of pictures, please give them time to load...

The 1963 and 1964 models used a 3 digit number to designate wheelbase and GVW of the vehicle. Models were available with a 120" and a 126" wheelbase and most models were available in Thriftside (narrow box), Townside (wide box) and cab & chassis models. J-100 panel delivery J-200 1/2T 5000 GVW (120" wheelbase) J-210 1/2T 6000 GVW (120") J-220 3/4T (120") J-230 1T cab & chassis or stake bed only (120") J-300 1/2T (126") J-310 3/4T (126") J-320 1T (126") J-330 1T cab & chassis or stake bed only (126").

In 1965 they switched over to a four digit model number except for the J-100. In '67 the two wheel drive models were dropped. In 1970, the Gladiators got the same style grill as the Wagoneer, it's first styling change since its introduction. The 3000 series was dropped in 1971. The "Gladiator" name was dropped in 1972 and the J trucks were simply called Jeep trucks. J-2500 1/2T 5000 GVW (120") J-2600 1/2T 6000 GVW (120") J-2700 3/4T 7000 GVW (120") J-2800 1T 8600 GVW (120") J-3500 1/2T 5000 GVW (126") J-3600 1/2T 6000 GVW (126") J-3700 3/4T 7000 GVW (126") J-3800 1T 8600 GVW (126").

In 1970 three new Gladiators models were added to the line-up. J-4600 1/2T 5000 GVW Townside only (132") J-4700 3/4T 7000 GVW Townside only (132") J-4800 3/4T 8000 GVW Townside, cab & chassis or stake bed (132").

In 1974 the model designations were changed to only reflect vehicle load capacity rather than load capacity and wheel base. J-10 Model 25 being the 1/2T 119" WB J-10 Model 45 was the 1/2T 131" WB J-20 Model 45 was the 3/4T 131" WB J-30 1T cab & chassis or stake bed dually.

Here are some samples of these work horses still on the road and trail today...

1962 (must be a 63, Australian registered)
J-200 with late model J series truck or
Cherokee grill and nice lift

66 J-2000 with infamous rhino grill and nice ground clearance - not to mention the 327 Vigilante engine Heartbeat of this J-2000
is a Rambler 327 Vigilante!

So what is so special about the 327 V8 pictured above?

68 J-3000 Australian R-Hand Drive

72 J4600 - last of the Kaiser styled trucks 72 J4600 - last of the round tail lights

74 J-10 - 1st year for J-10 74 J-20 - 1st year for J-20

J-20 Firetruck J-20 touring rig from Australia

79 J-10 Stepside J-10 Stepside rear view

1980 J-10 Stepside

80 J10, factory two tone 80 J10 cab view

1981 J10 Stepside

1982 J10 Stepside

83 J10 Stepside - Looks like a  Green Meanie!

83 J-10 Laredo, the gentlemen's Jeep truck 83 J-10 long bed

J-20 crew cab from Australia.
Looks like a Wagoneer/J-20 hybrid.

A distant cousin of the Jeep J-series trucks was the CJ10 found mostly in South America and Australia

Some J Trucks filmed in movies Twister and Tremors.

Only ONE Jeep

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