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1974-83 FSJ Cherokee

2 door Narrow Track - 4 door Narrow Track - 2 door Wide Track

In 1974, the Jeep Cherokee was introduced by American Motors Corporation.  It was basically a two door Wagoneer with the same 57 inch tread width.  The Cherokee was designed to compete with the Chevy K5 Blazer and Ford Bronco of that period.  It used the J series truck grill and had fewer comfort features and chrome than the Wagoneer and did not have the wrap around tail lights.  The new style tail lights were verticle and this design was later used on the Grand Wagoneers beginning in 1984.  In 1975, the four door Cherokee was introduced.  This looked very much like the Wagoneer but also sported less fancy trim and used the grill like the two door model.  Then, 1976 brought the Wide Track two door version of the Cherokee.   This trail ready rig had the flared fenders like the J series truck with 63 inch tread width.  The Jeep Cherokee was the shortest production run of Full Size Jeeps.

79 Cherokee Golden Eagle
79 Cherokee Golden Eagle

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