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Now, you got an idea of what an FSJ is. So, what in the world is a M715?

The Jeep Gladiator (J series) trucks were the basis of the M715 military trucks. They came equipped with canvas or metal roofs. The M-715 was the first 'M' series tactical vehicle to use primarily civilian commercial components. The first contract was awarded to Kaiser on March 21, 1966 for 20,680 trucks, both M-715 cargo trucks and M-725 ambulance versions. Deliveries began in January, 1967. Between January, 1967 and May, 1969, over 30,500 M-715 series trucks were produced for the U.S. military. The initial contract purchase price was $4,400 per truck. These trucks were rated at 1 1/4 ton and used the "Tornado" 230 I6 engine. The front grill and fenders, hood, doors and cab were stamped from the Gladiator dies, with obvious modifications to the upper part of the cab and doors, as well as the fender cut-outs. The cargo box was an entirely military design and the windshield was similar to that used on the Jeep M38-A1.

The M-715 series trucks came in the following variations, all built on the same frame and wheelbase:

  • M-715: Standard 1 1/4 ton cargo truck
  • M-724: Cab & chassis, then equipped with a large contact maintenance body which had a welder, generator, etc.. and an 8,000 lb winch
  • M-725: Stardard Army ambulance, which used the M-715 front sheetmetal and an ambulance body which had 4 stretcher racks in the rear. This was a standard military design which included a surgical light, air ventilators, double rear doors, gas heater, and a sliding door separating the driver & co-driver from the rear
  • M-726: Telephone maintenance truck, which used the M-715 cab and a utility box body. This body differed from the M-724 as it had an open cargo area in the back and was much lower than the contact maintenance body. It also included the 8,000 lb PTO winch and a unique spotlight mounted on the left corner of the cowling.

Many M715 series Jeeps have been converted for various civilian use after military retirement. Here, you will find a variety of these beefy trucks still in use today.


Navy M726

M725 Ambulance M725 Ambulance

M725 Ambulance M715 Fire Truck

M715 M715 Trooper

M715 Tow Truck M715 Fire Truck

M715 with J10 civilian cab conversion M715 with J10 civilian cab conversion

M715 TuTone

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