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Flint W. Boardman aka Rebelliondogs
~ Homepage ~ Mancos, CO,
Remember, this is supposed to be fun. . . =8-)

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Site updated 12/13/2003

Luna - 1976 Wagoneer    Wally - 1988 Grand Wagoneer

We like Jeeps. Big Jeeps. Full Size Jeeps.
Designation SJ.
NOT them wimpy other little Jeeps...

The beaches in Florida are awesome...

 Texas beaches are also mighty fine…

I was stationed for a year on Johnston Atoll (about 800 miles SW of Hawaii) in 1976 while in the US Coast Guard.  That was military tropical paradise!

The beaches are nice, but this brings us to the beauty I am attracted to today…
The mountains of SW Colorado!

On top of the Wolrd!  Imogene Pass with CFSJA Ouray Recon, 13114 feet elevation - 9/02/00

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